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Many beginners who try to get into music production, specifically into EDM music production feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of learning they have to do. This fear of not knowing where to start and where to go can be paralyzing. This article, by, will guide you through the steps of becoming a professional EDM music producer.

The Beginning

Let’s start from the very top. If you are a complete beginner, you probably have a million questions in your head. We recommend that you start with choosing and learning a DAW aka Digital audio workstation, or the place where all the magic happens. Learning a DAW is an essential requirement if you want to be a music producer. There are many videos on Youtube recommending different DAWs and comparing them, but honestly, your DAW doesn’t really matter. What matters is your technique.

You can create any sound you want in any DAW if you know HOW. So don’t sweat it, just choose one that seems most user-friendly to you and start learning it. Further down the line, you will understand whether this DAW covers your specific needs and remember that you can always switch to a new one. If we talk about other gear you need to produce EDM, there is really not that much. The essentials are a DAW and headphones. You may also get a MIDI keyboard, as it makes it easier to play virtual instruments, but, mind you, it’s not essential. When you are just getting started you can do it with just your laptop keyboard.

Growing and learning

Once you’ve downloaded the DAW and spent a couple of weeks learning it, now is the time to start playing around with it. Your first tracks might be far from being perfect, but the most important during this stage is fast learning. Every track you make will be better than the previous one. All you need to do is get your ideas out of your head and into the DAW as fast as possible. Here, quantity should prevail over quality. At this stage, you should also learn some fundamentals of songwriting and music theory. This knowledge will help you tremendously on your journey, especially in music theory. So don’t overlook that.


After a period of rapid growth always comes a period of stagnation. This is the most unpleasant stage and unfortunately, many people give up at this point. There are even more things to learn, it seems that you are not getting better, music production suddenly becomes boring and dull, because the initial excitement and interest fade away and all you are left with are a pile of unfinished tracks. It resembles the first love when your hormones start to calm down and reality sets in. It is wonderful to have a passion, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever.

Let us tell you right now, it is OK, everyone goes through this period, not only in music production but, honestly, in any sphere o their lives, be it a hobby, career, or a relationship. During this time all you need to remember is the initial reason why you start doing it. If in doubt always look for WHY. Ask yourself honestly why you picked it up, and we promise you it will keep you going no matter what. There are times when you just need to push through and get to point B. So don’t get discouraged and go forward with determination.


If you push through the third stage, congratulations, you’ve made it! We are so proud of you. Now you have the fuel to go forward no matter what. So from now on its just infinite learning and getting better and better.


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